Natural Trail System - Lake Jeanette Community, Greensboro NC

Master Association Maintained Trails at Lake Jeanette

North Elm Street Trail - Distance: 4,756 feet
This is the Master Association's longest trail. It begins to right of the sidewalk on North Elm Street behind the Lake Jeanette dental practice, wraps around the lake behind the Brownstones, and brings you to the backside of Waterford Apartments and the pedestrian walking bridge on North Elm St. 

Eastern Shores Trail - Distance: 2,433 feet
The head of this trail begins at the intersection of Lake Jeanette Road and Turnstone Drive, extends through the East Park Entrance on Eastern Shores Drive, and ends at the gated entrance of Eastern Shores Estates. 

Southern Shores Trails - Distance: 435 feet and 240 feet
1. There is a short trail between the intersections of Hatteras and Leeward next to 1501 Regents Park Lane that takes you to the lake in Southern Shores. 
2. The trail on Baytree next to the stone bridge is also a short trail that takes you to the lake. 

Northern Shores Trails
The following locations are also short trails that carry you to the lake.
1. Sunfish Point to Flagship Cove - Distance: 523 feet
2. Center Island at Flagship Cove - Distance: 313 feet
3. Flagship Gazebo and Dock area - Distance: 84 feet
4. Captains Point to Bass Landing - Distance: 470 feet
5. Bass Landing Gazebo area - Distance: 273 feet

Lake Jeanette Marina - Distance: 940 feet

There is a section of trail that extends south from the Marina Picnic Shelter behind the Lake Jeanette Swim and Tennis Club and ends at the lake. 

Point Trails Natural Walking Trails run throughout the Buffer Zone in The Point Villages.

Download the Greensboro Watershed Trail System Map by clicking on it.