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Buffer Zone Policy

VERY IMPORTANT: Lake View Lot Owners must comply with the Buffer Zone Policy, Restrictive Covenants, Deed, and City Ordinances relative to the 50 foot buffer contiguous to their property. If you own a lake view lot, please read the Buffer Zone Policy posted on this website at the noted link. No work may be performed in the buffer without prior approval from the Association this includes the removal of dead trees. Maintaining the buffer is critical to the integrity of Lake Jeanette and the Buffer is to remain natural and unimproved. If you wish to perform work in the buffer, you must complete the Request to Perform Work in the Buffer form posted on this website and obtain authorization prior to starting the work. This includes the removal of dead items.

To View and Download the Buffer Zone Policy (PDF version), click here.
Lake Jeanette Association April 3, 1995
Third Addendum - October 15, 1996


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