About Lake Jeanette & Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association


In the late 1800's two brothers, Moses and Caesar Cone bought approximately 2,142 acres of property from the North Carolina Steel and Iron Company. The family built Cone Mills, a Textile Manufacturing company known today as International Textile Group. As Cone Mills grew, the brothers realized they needed more water than the city of Greensboro could supply.

In 1940, the Cones began building Lake Jeanette. The lake was named after one of the granddaughters, Jeanette Cone. Lake Jeanette is fed by Richland Creek and other springs, and has always been defined as a "working" lake. When the water level is high, it overflows into Lake Townsend, one of Greensboro's reservoirs.

When Cone Mills began developing some of the property for residential purposes they set up a subsidiary company called Cornwallis Development Company. Cornwallis was responsible for the Irving Park Property and also started the Lake Jeanette development in the late 80's on Regents Park Lane off of Lawndale Drive. They developed several hundred lots in those original phases of Lake Jeanette.

In 1992, the unified development plan for 750 acres of development was approved. In June of 1993 the first house was built in the new section of Southern Shores. In the fall of 1994 Eastern Shores was opened, in 1995 the Point was opened, and in November 1998 Northern Shores was opened for home sales.

In 2001 the Master Homeowners Association took over control of the Development (excluding un-built lots) and became responsible for all the development's common area property including the Marina, village entranceways, green spaces, docks and gazebos, dry dock storage facility and most of the nature trail systems at Lake Jeanette.