Lake Jeanette is a man-made Lake built in 1940 by Cone Mills. It is a private lake owned by Lenoir Warehouse Group LLC. The Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association leases the lake tract (lake and buffer) from Lenoir Warehouse Group LLC for use by Lake Jeanette homeowners and their guests.

Lake Jeanette covers approximately 270 acres with a shoreline of 5 miles and is 60 feet deep in some locations. There is a 50 foot buffer around the perimeter of the Lake known as the Buffer Zone. This buffer is to remain natural and unimproved and is regulated by City, County, State and Federal ordinances and laws relating to Riparian Buffers. Lake Jeanette has an earthen dam and spillway and waters from the lake flow over the spillway into Lake Townsend (City drinking water supply).

We take great pride at Lake Jeanette in working together to maintain the Lake’s Buffer in order to preserve water quality and protect plants and wildlife. Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish, Carp, Shad and Bodie Bass thrive in our lake. The largest catch on record is an 11 pound Bass. Lake Jeanette Association, Inc. (better known as the Master Development) is comprised of sixteen Villages built around the Lake. There are 1,165 total lots - 234 are lake view and 931 are non-lake view. Seven Miles of Natural Walking Trails and sidewalks abound throughout our Villages. Two pedestrian crossing bridges allow walkers to traverse over Lake Jeanette and 11 village T-docks and gazebos provide an excellent point for fishing or a place to relax and enjoy the scenery. The Lake Jeanette Marina is a private facility for homeowners and their guests and offers a variety of fun and educational events. Lake Jeanette residents also have the opportunity to join the Award Winning Lake Jeanette Swim and Tennis Club at discounted rates. Many other amenities and assets are provided showcasing Lake Jeanette as a welcoming, friendly, fun, and wonderful place to live. Please click on each tab of our website to explore Life at Lake Jeanette.

Roskelly Management Associates provides property and operations management for Lake Jeanette Association, Inc. and LBA Haynes Strand PLLC provides accounting services including HOA dues collections. We are always happy to assist you with any questions. Sign up for news you can use by
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